Monday, February 27, 2012

How do you search for the best Shopping deals?

How much time do you spend on the Internet searching for the best deal on things.  You can spend hours bookmarking websites with the items you are looking for.  I recently found, a new search engine to help find the best deals and unbiased product information.  You can search for items by product time, prices, brands, and colors to name a few.

For example I was looking for an automatic toothbrush and searched cheap toothbrushes and several different items from different websites come up as well as reader ratings.  Never even knew there was a toothbrush sanitizer available.

I was thinking of changing my color scheme in my bedroom was wondering can white cotton chenille be dyed.  Well when I searched this, came up with many different colors of chenille bedspreads at great prices.

I am on the decorations committee for our school's annual auction and it is a Tahitian theme this year.  I searched on for used tiki bars for sale.  Unfortunately they did not sell used ones, but gave me a lot of decorating ideas for our event.

I have loved searching on this website when I am shopping for the best deal.  They also have a phone/ipad application you can take along with you.

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