Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wine Wear Review-Have you seen these?

I was not sure what to expect when I agreed to do the review for Wine Wear. But just the thought of wine made me happy inside.

Well when I received this cute little guy I was happy once again. After looking at the website, the tuxedo is probably not the cutest of the designs for everyday use but after reviewing it I am thrilled to go out and buy these in the other designs for gifts.

These 3D Wine bottle greeting cards retail for $3.49 and sold at stores such as Walgreens. You just slide them over the bottle of wine and have an instant and spruced up gift!!


Here he is all dressed up!!

Back of Wine Wear

You are not going to be able to write more than to and from but really
what else to you write when you give a bottle of wine. At most just your name on a tag. I have had parties that people may or may not have handed the bottle to me directly and after the party I really don't know who gave me what.

Well with the WIne Wear your bottle will get noticed!!
** Note to self, do not pay more for the Wine Wear card than the bottle of wine! Make sure you want your bottle to get noticed!!

Here are some of the new designs coming in May....see how cute

Visit Wine Wear at their web site, Facebook or follow them on Twitter to see their current styles and where to purchase them.

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