Monday, February 28, 2011

Jody's Popcorn Review and Discount Code

Here is another review for you.
I was thrilled when I found a gourmet popcorn company in Virginia Beach.  I grew up in Chicago and Garrett's Popcorn was the bomb.  You would get freshly made carmel and cheese popcorn in your bag and it literally had to be pulled away to stop eating.  There was always a line out the door as well.

In the recent years, since moving to the south, the only other gourmet popcorn I have tasted is from the PopCorn Factory.

Jody's Popcorn is in Virginia Beach and looking at their website they have some unique flavors but especially packaging and colored popcorn.  You can get bagged popcorn in many university colors and packaging perfect for those spring grads or High School seniors who are receiving their acceptance letters.
They also offer holiday popcorn as I noticed  a St. Patrick's Day bag as well.  All reasonably priced around $4-5 dollars  for a small bag.

I started the review and then went back to their website and was pleasantly surprised their inspiration was from Chicago as well.  Here is a little blurb from their website:

Jody and her husband, Alan, always enjoyed visiting different resort areas and feasting on fresh caramel corn. In fact, when they lived in Chicago, a great date included a trip to a caramel corn store and a long walk munching on the delicacy.
Alan, who is very creative, incorporated caramel corn into his marriage proposal to Jody. He had her engagement ring sealed inside a prize envelope placed in a Cracker-Jack® box so that Jody could find it. To this day, over 33 years later, Alan still will not divulge the secret of how he got the ring into the box!
When Jody and Alan moved to Virginia Beach, they couldn’t believe that the resort lacked fresh caramel corn. Every summer, Jody knew that visitors to Virginia Beach were missing out!
In 2005 Virginia Beach opened a new luxury Hilton oceanfront hotel with the 31 Ocean Shops across the street. The shops contain unique boutique stores. Alan and Jody decided to bring caramel corn to Virginia Beach at the 31 Ocean Shops. They signed the lease, hired the architect, tried all of the commercial caramel corn recipes, and agreed that they did not have a caramel corn recipe that was good enough! more

They also offer holiday popcorn as I noticed  a St. Patrick's Day bag as well.  All reasonably priced around $4-5 dollars  for a small bag.

The folks at Jody's sent us 3 different samples to try out.  Their original Recipe 53 Carmel Corn, Chocolate Drizzled and Funfetti.  We saved them for our Friday movie night.

Verdict, it was not Garrett's popcorn.  Definitely not as fresh tasting but I am not sure what Garrett's would taste like if it was packaged for longer storage.
The chocolate Drizzled by far was our favorite.  The funfetti was enjoyed by the kids but really disliked the Purple kernels.  I tried one of them and it definitely had a weird aftertaste.

Since we are popcorn snobs, I thought I would try it on another test group.  The kids had some friends over the next day and I took out the carmel corn and funfetti.  I liked the chocolate drizzled too much to share!!

The kids enjoyed it but also did not care for that purple colored one??

I think they have a great concept especially with the unique packaging.  They also offer fudge and candy apples. Next time I am in Virginia Beach I am definitely going to visit their oceanfront store.  If you are not in the area visit their website and have some delivered.

The folks at Jody's are offering my readers 15% off their entire purchase just enter REV15 Go visit Jody's now to check out their other selections and let me know what you think.

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